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Top 10 Common Writing Errors: You Must Avoid

Avoid common writing errors with our top 10 tips. Improve your writing and boost your content's quality. Learn how now!

Farzana Zannat Mou

Zannat Mou

Last updated on Jan 14th, 2024

Common Writing Errors

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A writing error could be useless in the shape of linguistic use, spelling, accentuation, or word choice that makes your paper less lucid, and more troublesome to read. 

In this article, we are thinking about discussing common writing errors that are important when you write something. So explore this post and gain knowledge about common errors in writing. 


Common writing errors make it more complicated for readers to get what you’re attempting to say. Be that as it may, I like to point out these writing mistakes but do not continuously get to rectify them. 

It’s critical to require the time and exertion to compose accurately. It makes it less demanding for your readers, which is why you must endeavor for clarity, not as it were in terms of language structure, but spelling, accentuation, and other mistakes. 

Moreover, there are hundreds of potential syntactic errors that can change the meaning or debilitate legitimacy since they cause disarray with what you’re attempting to say.  

10 Most Common Errors in Writing 

Now I will talk to you about some common writing errors that are very important for you to know about. If you are not aware of these common writing errors, your writing will be more inaccurate and your writing will not be accepted. 

1. Mixed-up adverb and adjective words

This is the first common writing error that so many students make. Adverbs adjust verbs, and they regularly conclude in “ly.” For illustration: 

“She ran gracefully.” 

An adjective word alters a thing. For case:

“The red car is in the garage.” 

Both of these cases are correct. Adverbs words and adjectives are frequently substituted by botch. For case: 

“I cook quickly in the kitchen .” 

This sentence ought to utilize “quickly” rather than “quick.” 

2. Fragmented comparisons 

Fragmented comparisons do not give sufficient data for readers to get what’s being compared. The exceptionally fundamental run show of making comparative sentences merely ought to have at least two components to compare within the sentence. With fragmented comparisons, we lose a crucial piece of the word that gives meaning to the sentence. For example-

 First example

“Alina’s phone is speedy.” 

Second example

“Alina’s phone is speedier than Nickey’s.” 

The primary sentence could be a bit perplexing. There’s a requirement for at least two components to create comparison work. 

3. Confusion between fewer and less 

The word “less” is utilized to depict solitary or uncountable things (such as “rice” or “time”), while “fewer” is utilized for plural or countable things (such as “books” or “tables”). 

A common run to the show of thumb states merely ought to utilize “less” when portraying a sum smaller than one (such as “less than eight minutes”) and “fewer” for more than one (such as “fewer than 10 ingredients”). 

4. Lost comma in a compound sentence 

A comma is used to connect two or more autonomous clauses that rise to in rank or significance. Autonomous clauses are chunks of content that can be used as full sentences. For illustration: 

“There was a bit of quietness and she may have been listening to gossip presently and then.” 

We ought to use a comma after “quietness.” 

Both “there was a long quietness” and “she might as it was listening to gossip presently and then” are total sentences. As a compound sentence, these clauses break even with rank and significance and can be used on their claim or connected with a comma and planning conjunction. When two free clauses are joined by a planning conjunction, you must put a comma in between. 

5. Comma in a compound subject

A comma isolates two or more free clauses in a compound sentence. In any case, we don’t utilize a comma when interfacing expressions with a conjunction to create a compound subject. 

For illustration

“She comes from England”, and her friends are invited to meet her .” 

We ought to evacuate the comma. In this case,  “She comes from England” is a portion of the subject but can’t be a free sentence. 

6. Split infinitives 

Split infinitives are not essentially a strict language structure that runs the show. Customarily, creators tended to maintain a strategic distance from putting any word between “to” and a verb. For case, “to strikingly do” would break this indicated run the show. 

A few individuals may still consider split infinitives to be inaccurate. On the off chance that a sentence sounds ungainly and you think you’ll progress it, our rule of thumb is to go with what makes sense within the setting of your composing and ease of perusing. 

7. Difference between well and good

Sometimes students don’t understand where they should use well and where they should use good in writing. 

A common writing error is to abuse the words good and well. The show of thumb is that good is an adjective and well is an adverb. Good adjust a thing; something can be or seem good. Well adjusts a verb; an activity can be done well. In any case, when you’re talking about well-being, well can be utilized as a descriptive word. 

8. e.g./i.e. 

Once you cruel “for example,” utilize e.g. It is an abbreviation for the Latin state exempli gratia. Once you are cruel “that is,” utilize “i.e.” It is a truncation for the Latin state id est. Either can be utilized to clarify a going before explanation, the primary by case, the moment by repeating the thought more clearly or growing upon it. Since these employments are so comparable, the two shortened forms are effectively befuddled.

On the off chance that you fairly adhere to great ancient English “for example” and “that is” you won’t allow anybody a chance to jeer at you. If you demand to utilize the truncation, maybe “example is given” will remind you to utilize “e.g.,” whereas “in effect” recommends “i.e.” Since e.g. shows a fractional list, it is repetitive to include “etc.” after a list presented by this truncation. 

9. Mixing up possessives and plurals 

Mixing up possessives and plural is one of the foremost common writing errors. To form a possessive thing, in most cases, the fair includes punctuation and an “s”. When a plural thing as of now closes in “s,” fair includes punctuation. 

For example

“This is an  office bus…” (A bus that has a place to one office) 

“The office’s’ buses…” (Numerous office’s that each have a bus) 

The punctuation is utilized to appear possession. It’s too utilized in compressions like “don’t.” Contractions are abbreviated words that utilize an apostrophe rather than certain letters. 

10. Squinting modifiers

A squinting modifier may be a word put in such a way that there are different conceivable implications. For illustration: 

“Early sleeping makes them feel better.” 

In this case, it’s not clear on the off chance that the word “early” alludes to early sleeping or early sleeping. Carefully putting this word into the word that we need to modify can clarify the meaning of the sentence. 

Squinting modifiers are as a rule intensifiers, and they alter the meaning of sentences. Settling a squinting modifier is troublesome since it requires rebuilding the sentence, which can be time-consuming. Two choices are: 

“Early sleeping feels better for them.” 

“Sleeping feels better to them early.” 


Which common writing errors are revealed more during our writing time?

During our writing time, these five common writing errors are revealed more. Such as commas in a compound subject, lost commas in a compound sentence, mixing up possessives and plurals, fragmented comparisons, and squinting modifiers.

Is it very important to avoid these common writing errors in writing?

Avoiding common writing errors is very important because if you don’t avoid common writing errors, your writing skills will never improve. Readers will lose interest in your writing.


The main target of this post is to make error-free writing papers that are expected by readers. Be concerned about common writing errors when you write something. It’s not only for students. It’s also necessary for workers, employees, content creators, also general people. We hope that if you read this post with your best focus, you will improve your common writing errors. If you are interested, explore more articles about writing tips from our website. 

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A writing error could be useless in the shape of linguistic use, spelling, accentuation, or word choice that makes your paper less lucid, and more troublesome to read.  In this article, we are thinking about discussing common writing errors that are important when you write something. So explore this post

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Common Writing Errors
Top 10 Common Writing Errors: You Must Avoid
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Common Writing Errors
Top 10 Common Writing Errors: You Must Avoid