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Best Writing Websites for Writers in 2024

Discover the best writing websites for writers! Explore the best writing websites offering tools, resources, and communities to enhance your writing journey.

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Rijvi Ahmed

Last updated on Jul 2nd, 2024

Best Writing Websites for Writers

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As a writer, you should have a toolkit that includes more than just pen and paper. Whether you’re looking for some creative writing prompts or a reliable grammar checker, the internet has a website for every writing need. 

But with thousands of websites for writers to select from, how can you know which ones would be most helpful to you? Which are the best writing websites for writers?

In addition to character storyboards, an easy listening playlist, and a warm cup of tea, a writer’s toolset should include many useful writing websites. When writer’s block comes, going to a reputable writing website to get oneself out of a rut is critical. 

From freelance possibilities to publication advice, we’ve categorized the top websites for writers so you can simply discover the help you need—when you need it most. Here are the best writing websites to have in your toolset (and bookmark!) that every writer should know about.

Best Writing Websites for Writers in 2024

1. QuillMuse 

QuillMuse - Learn How To Write Anything

QuillMuse is a comprehensive platform dedicated to helping writers perfect their craft. Whether you’re looking to improve your English grammar, write a compelling research paper, craft a strong thesis statement, or delve into business writing, QuillMuse has you covered. The website features a wide array of articles, guides, and resources tailored to writers of all levels.

Key Features:

  • Grammar and Writing Tips: Detailed articles on English grammar rules, common mistakes, and tips to improve your writing skills.
  • Academic Writing: Step-by-step guides on how to write research papers, theses, and dissertations.
  • Business Writing: Resources on crafting professional business documents, including emails, reports, and proposals.
  • Book Writing: Tips and advice on how to start and complete your book, from outlining to publishing.
  • Writing Tools Reviews: Reviews of the latest writing software and tools to help you find the best resources for your needs.

QuillMuse is not just a repository of articles; it’s a community where writers can share their experiences, ask questions, and get feedback. The website’s user-friendly interface and well-organized content make it a favorite among writers.

2. Almost an Author

Are you looking for a website with useful ideas, resources, and advice for budding writers? If yes, you might want to visit This website is operated by a group of professional authors, editors, and coaches who offer their knowledge and thoughts on all elements of writing. Whether you enjoy fiction, nonfiction, poetry, children’s literature, or any other genre, you will find something useful and inspiring on this website. 

Special Features

  • You can create your profile and showcase your writing samples, awards, and publications.
  • You can join groups and forums based on your interests, preferences, and goals.
  • You can access a variety of resources, such as articles, podcasts, webinars, and courses, to improve your craft and learn from experts.
  • You can participate in contests, challenges, and events to hone your skills and win prizes.
  • You can connect with other writers, editors, agents, and publishers, and get feedback and support.

3. Creativity Portal

If you’re seeking a website that provides a variety of materials and tools to help you unleash your creativity, check out This website includes articles, prompts, exercises, interviews, projects, and other resources to help you discover your creative potential. 

This website has content that will motivate you. Join the creative community and share your work, feedback, and ideas with others. 

Special Features

  • You can find hundreds of creative writing prompts to spark your imagination and get you started on your next project. You can also submit your prompts and share them with other writers.
  • You can read informative and inspiring articles on various topics related to writing, such as how to overcome writer’s block, how to develop your voice, how to edit your work, and more.
  • You can enroll in online writing courses and learn from experienced instructors and mentors. 
  • You can connect with other writers and join the online writing community. 

4. Association of Writers & Writing Programs

AWP, which recently celebrated its 50th anniversary, is a leading authority on writing. The AWP website provides information and possibilities for authors, professors, and students at all stages of their careers. You’ll find information about writing programs, job choices, and conferences from all over the world. However, some of these services are only available to members.

Special Features

  • This is a comprehensive listing of jobs and internships in the fields of writing, editing, teaching, and publishing
  • This is a bimonthly magazine that features articles, interviews, essays, and reviews on the craft and business of writing. You are also able to submit your work for publication.
  • This is an online database of over 50,000 AWP members, including writers, teachers, students, editors, and publishers. You can search by name, genre, location, or affiliation, and connect with other members through email or social media.
  • You can enter your work in various categories, such as fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and translation. The winners get cash and publication.

5. NaNoWriMo


The National Novel Writing Month blog provides resources, motivation, and a friendly community for budding writers and creatives. If you are a writer who wants to challenge yourself and improve your craft, you might have heard of 

Special Features

  • You can track your progress on the NaNoWriMo website, where you can update your word count, earn badges, and see how other participants are doing.
  • You can join a regional group, where you can find local events, forums, and writing buddies. You can also chat with other writers online through the NaNoWriMo Discord server or social media.
  • You can access resources and tips from NaNoWriMo mentors, who are experienced writers and editors who offer advice and feedback.

6. Daily Writing Tips

As the name implies, this website provides daily writing suggestions on anything from open-ended prompts and exercises to grammar, spelling, punctuation, and vocabulary. It also covers all writing levels and vocations, so no matter where you are in your writing career, DWT will benefit you.

Special Features

  • Daily tips on grammar, punctuation, spelling, vocabulary, and style.
  • Weekly quizzes to test your knowledge and challenge yourself.
  • Monthly writing contests with prizes and feedback.
  • A comprehensive archive of articles on various topics related to writing.
  • A newsletter that delivers the latest tips and news to your inbox.
  • A forum where you can interact with other writers and ask questions.

7. Writer’s Digest

Writer's Digest
Writer’s Digest

Since 1920, Writer’s Digest (also a popular print magazine) has helped writers improve their craft and professions. This website not only provides daily prompts and practical strategies to get your creative juices flowing, but it also hosts instructional courses, writing competitions, and professional services. 

Special Features

  • You can enroll in various online workshops and courses that cover different aspects of writing, such as fiction, nonfiction, poetry, grammar, editing, publishing, and more.
  • You can enter various competitions and awards that showcase your writing skills and talent. You can win prizes, recognition, and exposure for your work.
  • You can subscribe to the Writer’s Digest magazine and newsletter, which provides you with tips, advice, inspiration, and industry news.
  • You can join the Writer’s Digest community and connect with other writers who share your passion and interests. 

Best writing websites in the publishing industry

8. Agent Query

If you are a writer looking for a platform to showcase your work and earn money, you might have heard of is a website that connects writers with literary agents who can help them get published. I think It’s worth it for writers.

Special Features

  • You can create a free profile and upload your query letter, synopsis, and sample chapters for agents to browse and request.
  • You can search for agents by genre, location, experience, and preferences. You can also see their submission guidelines, client list, and success stories.
  • You can join the online community of writers and get feedback, advice, and support from your peers.
  • You can access a wealth of resources on writing, querying, publishing, and marketing.
  • You can also subscribe to the newsletter and get the latest news and tips from industry experts.

9. The Creative Penn

Joanna Penn is not just a bestselling author on a variety of topics, but she is also a prominent figure in self-publishing. On The Creative Penner punnily named site, you’ll find abundant information related to writing, self-publishing, marketing, and everything else you might need to make a living as a writer.

Special Features

  • A weekly show where Joanna interviews experts and authors on various topics related to writing, publishing, and marketing.
  • Joanna has written several books and courses on different aspects of writing, such as how to write a novel, how to write nonfiction, how to make a living with your writing, and more. You can find them on the website or Amazon.
  • Joanna regularly posts articles on the blog, covering topics such as creativity, productivity, mindset, genre, craft, and more.
  • Joanna has compiled a list of useful resources for writers, such as tools, software, services, and websites. You can browse them by category or search for what you need.

10. Digital Pubbing

Digital Pubbing offers industry news, interviews with independent writers, and tools for learning more about ebooks and the publishing industry. Following the name, this is the ideal website for any author looking to get substantial digital skills.

Special Features

  • You can create your author profile and showcase your portfolio of publications.
  • You can join a community of writers and readers who share your interests and passions.
  • You can access a variety of resources and tools to improve your writing skills and learn about the latest trends and opportunities in the publishing industry.
  • You can participate in contests and challenges to win prizes and recognition for your work.
  • You can monetize your content and earn royalties from your sales.

11. The Independent Publishing Magazine

We know we are repeating ourselves, but this website is all about publishing (both independent and traditional, despite the name). You’ll discover all you need to know about self-publishing, traditional publishing, and hybrid publishing right here.

Special Features

  • A comprehensive guide to self-publishing, covering topics such as editing, design, marketing, distribution, and more.
  • A directory of service providers, such as editors, designers, printers, and distributors, who can help you with your publishing needs.
  • A blog that features news, reviews, interviews, and tips from experts and successful authors in the industry.
  • A community forum where you can connect with other writers, share your experiences, ask questions, and get feedback.
  • A monthly newsletter that delivers the latest updates and resources on self-publishing to your inbox.

12. Publishers Weekly

And if you have a specific query concerning the publishing industry, you’ll probably find an answer here. This monthly journal contains industry news, reviews, announcements, and a variety of other resources. It has been termed “the Bible of the book business,” and its huge archive explains why.

Special Features

  • The BookLife platform, where you can create a profile, submit your self-published books for review, and access free tools and guides on marketing, editing, design, and more.
  • The PW Select program, where you can pay a fee to have your book listed in the monthly supplement of Publishers Weekly, and get a chance to be reviewed by the PW editors or featured in an interview.
  • The PW JobZone, where you can browse and apply for jobs in the publishing field, or post your resume and portfolio for employers to see.
  • The PW Webcasts, where you can register for free online events and webinars on various topics related to writing and publishing, and interact with experts and peers.

13. Publishing Perspectives

Publishing Perspectives is another excellent source of publishing information, focusing on industry news and topical pieces. It is aimed toward publishers, agents, and authors, and includes a variety of entries on book fairs, distribution, education, and other topics.

Special Features

  • You can subscribe to their daily newsletter and get the most relevant stories delivered to your inbox every morning.
  • You can browse their extensive archive of articles, interviews, reports, and podcasts on topics such as literary awards, book fairs, digital publishing, translation, education, and more.
  • You can access their directory of publishers, agents, service providers, and organizations from around the world, and find potential partners for your projects.
  • You can contribute your own stories, opinions, and experiences to their platform, and share your perspective with a global audience of publishing professionals.

Best writing websites for marketing and design

14. David Gaughran

David Gaughran, an experienced author of historical adventures, short stories, and popular books for writers, is one of the most knowledgeable writing specialists available. His eponymous blog provides a wealth of information about marketing and self-publishing, as well as classes for prospective authors. And, like Writer Beware, he is a staunch opponent of online publishing schemes and scammers — so if you’re annoyed by these difficulties, you’ll find a pleasantly sympathetic voice on his blog.

Special Features

  •  A free newsletter that delivers valuable insights and advice on writing, marketing, and publishing to your inbox every week.
  •  A blog that covers topics such as how to write better blurbs, how to launch your book, how to grow your email list, and more.
  •  A podcast that features interviews with successful authors and industry experts who share their stories and strategies.
  •  A library of books and courses that teach you how to master the skills and tools you need to succeed as a writer, such as Amazon Ads for Authors, Strangers to Superfans, BookBub Ads Expert, and more.

15. Kindlepreneur


Kindlepreneur is a website that offers tips, tools, and courses for authors who want to succeed in the digital publishing world. Whether you are writing fiction or nonfiction, Kindlepreneur can help you with marketing, keyword research, book cover design, and more. I think it is a valuable resource for writers.

Special Features

  •  A free book description generator that helps you create catchy and SEO-friendly blurbs for your books.
  •  A free keyword research tool that helps you find the best keywords for your book title, subtitle, and categories.
  •  A blog that covers topics such as book cover design, book launch strategies, book reviews, and more.
  •  A podcast that interviews successful authors and experts on various aspects of self-publishing and marketing.

16. Writers & Artists

Writers & Artists, a prominent Bloomsbury publication, contains numerous articles on writing and self-publishing. They also provide editorial services and events on a variety of themes, including genre-specific writing classes and how to connect with agents.

Special Features

  •  A comprehensive database of literary agents and publishers in the UK and beyond, with submission guidelines, contact details, and genres they are interested in.
  •  A yearly handbook that contains essential information on the publishing industry, as well as articles and interviews with authors, agents, and editors.
  •  A blog that covers various topics related to writing and publishing, such as tips, trends, news, and opportunities.
  •  A range of online courses and masterclasses cover different aspects of writing, such as genre, structure, character, dialogue, and editing.

17. Storiad

Storiad is a marketing platform enabling authors and publishers to sell their works. Visit this page for vital information about writing software, databases, tools, and budgeting to help you manage your publishing campaign from beginning to end.

Special Features

  • A comprehensive tool that guides you through the steps of creating and executing a successful book marketing plan.
  • A community of writers, readers, publishers, agents, and media professionals who can help you promote your book and reach your target audience.
  • A curated list of trusted and affordable book marketing services that can help you with tasks such as book cover design, editing, formatting, distribution, and more.
  • A collection of courses, webinars, podcasts, and articles that teach you the best practices and strategies of book marketing.

18. Your Writer Platform

Naturally, this site is committed to helping you create your writing platform. There are several ideas, resources, tools, howtos, and even individual consulting services available to assist you in developing the platform that is most effective for you and your marketing goals.

Special Features

  •  A free blog hosting service that lets you create your website with a custom domain name and design.
  •  A community of writers and readers who can give you feedback, support, and inspiration.
  •  A library of resources and courses on topics such as writing, publishing, marketing, and branding.
  •  A newsletter service that helps you build your email list and communicate with your subscribers.

19. Kikolani

Kikolani, who specializes in marketing, provides advice and techniques for bloggers looking to increase their visibility and attract more visitors. Here you’ll find information about brand growth, social media, customer retention, and other important suggestions for bloggers.

Special Features

  •  A blog that covers topics such as content marketing, blogging, SEO, social media, and more.
  •  A newsletter that delivers exclusive content and offers to your inbox every week.
  •  A podcast that features interviews with successful writers and marketers who share their insights and strategies.
  •  A library of free ebooks and guides that teach you how to write better, grow your audience, and monetize your work.

Best writing blogs by industry professionals 

20. Kris Writes

Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s blog provides daily insights from a New York Times bestselling author. On Mondays, she posts free short stories for authors to inspire them, and on Wednesdays, she posts in her “Business Musings” collection, where she breaks down publishing industry news and shares her insider’s perspectives. 

Special Features

  •  The Business Musings series, where she covers topics such as contracts, royalties, marketing, and more.
  •  The Free Fiction series, where she posts a free short story every week for readers to enjoy.
  •  The Writing Tips series, where she offers practical and actionable suggestions on how to improve your craft and overcome common challenges.

21. Jeff Goins

Bestselling author Jeff Goins started this site to discuss his writing ideas and to encourage others to pursue their creative goals. He’s very skilled at breaking down complicated issues into manageable chunks; budding writers, look here for your primers.

Special Features

  • This is where you can find Jeff’s latest articles on topics such as finding your voice, overcoming writer’s block, building an audience, and more.
  • This is where you can listen to Jeff’s interviews with other successful writers, entrepreneurs, and creatives who share their stories, strategies, and secrets.
  • This is where you can learn more about Jeff’s books, such as The Art of Work, Real Artists Don’t Starve and You Are a Writer
  • This is where you can enroll in Jeff’s online courses, such as Tribe Writers, Intentional Blog, and The Art of Work Course. 

22. Jane Friedman

With extensive experience in the publishing industry, Jane Friedman provides online classes and articles on the complete book publication process. She’s a veritable wealth of business information, so keep her in mind for when you’re ready to launch your book.

Special Features

  •  A blog that covers topics such as publishing, marketing, craft, and creativity.
  •  A newsletter that delivers tips, insights, and opportunities to your inbox every week.
  •  A podcast that features interviews with authors, agents, editors, and other industry experts.
  •  A collection of online courses that teach you how to write, edit, pitch, and publish your work.

23. John August

For all you screenwriters out there, John August cohosts a weekly podcast with fellow screenwriter Craig Mazin that discusses the technique and business of screenwriting while breaking down successful films. To help screenwriters get a sense of the process of working with a studio, John has shared many versions of scripts from various phases of production for films and series he has written, such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Big Fish, and Chornobyl.

Special Features

  • This is a weekly podcast hosted by John August and Craig Mazin, where they discuss screenwriting and things that are interesting to screenwriters. 
  • This is a powerful and elegant writing app designed by John August himself. It lets you write in plain text and automatically formats your script according to industry standards.
  • This is a collection of scripts, books, and articles that John August recommends for writers. 
  • John August shares his thoughts and insights on writing, filmmaking, and other topics. 

24. Nail Your Novel

As a bestselling former ghostwriter who now publishes under her name, Roz Morris offers advice on writing, self-publishing, and, of course, ghostwriting. If you want to become a ghostwriter, check out her classes!

Special Features

  • These are a series of guides written by Roz Morris, a professional writer and editor with decades of experience.
  • This is a weekly feature where guest authors share the music that inspired their writing.
  • This is a monthly feature where Roz interviews authors who have used her Nail Your Novel method to write their books.
  • If you subscribe to the blog, you will also receive a monthly newsletter with exclusive content, such as sneak peeks, discounts, giveaways, and more.

25. Nathan Bransford

Nathan Bransford is a former literary agent who blogs on the inner workings of publishing, including information on agents and self-publishing. He also provides consults, edits, and critiques. 

Special Features

  • This is a place where you can connect with other writers, ask questions, get feedback, and share your work.
  • Nathan Bransford posts regularly about various topics related to writing, publishing, and the book industry.
  • Nathan Bransford has written several books, both fiction and nonfiction, that you can explore on his website. 
  • If you want to stay updated on Nathan Bransford’s latest posts, books, and news, you can subscribe to his newsletter. 
  • You will also get access to exclusive content and offers, such as free downloads, discounts, and giveaways.

26. The Marginalian 

She describes her website as “a record of my own becoming as a person — intellectually, creatively, spiritually, poetically — drawn from my extended marginalia on searching for meaning across literature, science, art, philosophy, and many other tendrils of human thought and feeling.” She sends out a Sunday newsletter with careful deconstructions of the week’s top liberal arts happenings to assist her readers extend their appreciation for the creative world.

Special Features

  •  You can create your profile and portfolio, where you can showcase your writing samples, bio, and social media links.
  •  You can join or create groups based on your interests, genres, or identities, and participate in discussions, feedback sessions, and collaborations with other writers.
  •  You can submit your work to the monthly online magazine, which features curated stories, poems, essays, and interviews from diverse writers.
  •  You can access resources and opportunities for writers, such as writing prompts, contests, grants, workshops, and mentorship programs.

What are some of your favorite writing websites? Let us know in the comments below!

FAQs on Best Writing Websites

Best Websites for Writers
Best Websites for Writers

Which writing website offers the best resources for improving writing craft and technique?

If you’re looking for just one website that offers comprehensive resources for improving your writing craft and technique, I recommend QuillMuse. It provides a diverse range of articles, webinars, online courses, and workshops covering various aspects of writing, from basic grammar tips to advanced storytelling techniques. It caters to writers of all levels and genres, offering practical advice and insights from industry professionals. Whether you’re a beginner looking to hone your skills or an experienced writer seeking to refine your craft, QuillMuse has resources to help you achieve your writing goals.

What are the top writing websites for authors and aspiring writers?

If you are an author or an aspiring writer, you might be looking for some online resources to help you improve your craft, find inspiration, or connect with other writers. Here are some of the top writing websites that you can check out:
1. QuillMuse 
2. Writer’s Digest
3. NaNoWriMo
4. Reedsy
5. Daily Writing Tips
6. Almost an Author
7. Jane Friedman
8. The Creative Penn

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Best Writing Websites for Writers
Best Writing Websites for Writers in 2024
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Best Writing Websites for Writers
Best Writing Websites for Writers in 2024