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How to Type Faster with Accuracy

Learn how to type faster with accuracy using expert tips in this comprehensive guide.

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Last updated on Jan 14th, 2024

How to Type Faster with Accuracy

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Typing has evolved from being a skill primarily required by office or administration workers to a crucial ability for individuals in various professions. But now, it is an important ability for all of us, no matter which job you have. Computers are a large part of our lives, and being capable of using them fast and successfully is prime in your profession. 

So, nowadays it is very important to know how to type faster. Even if you may already be kind, it’s worth mastering the way to be kind quicker. An appropriate typing pace permits you to stand out from other process applicants and may be a demand for a few jobs. That’s why you need to know how to type faster.

Typing fast and accurately is critical for effective conversation. It may be a beneficial talent in many roles. If you want to get better at typing, you can practice to improve. Today in our publication we tell you a few specific suggestions for you to help you to learn how to type faster than any other. In your article, we will give you a complete guideline about how to type faster.

What are the benefits of fast typing?

It can help you in many ways. When you can type quickly and appropriately, you can get your work executed quicker and more successfully. This is particularly vital in jobs wherein you want to provide plenty of written work, inclusive of writing emails, reviews, or articles.

It assists you to speak more efficaciously. When you write fast, you can keep up with conversations in real-time, which is essential for online communique and collaboration. It can also assist you to jot down clean and concise emails and other messages.

It will let you shop for time. When you can kind fast, you may save a whole lot of time on obligations which include writing emails, taking notes, and filling out forms. This can free up your time for other duties or sports.

It can give you a competitive advantage. In today’s process market, many jobs require or select applicants with exact typing competencies. The right typing speed could make you stand out from other candidates and let you get the task you want.

12 Tips for How to Type Faster with Accuracy

Now we will tell you some essential steps that will help you to type faster. You must follow the tips if you want to improve your typing speed. I will discuss about 12 tips.

1. Setting up a good workspace

Setting up a terrific workspace is vital to growing your typing speed. If you earn a living from home, discover a cozy vicinity without distractions. Don’t use your lap as a desk when you have a computer; use a table and chair that suit your height better. Being snug at the same time as typing for the long term can help lessen tiredness and make you type quicker and more correctly. Choose a nicely-lit and properly ventilated place to defend your eyes from pressure. It is very important to learn to type faster

2. Dictation Practice

If you don’t know what to write, you can try dictation practice. This means listening to something and typing as you hear the words. You can listen to anything you want, such as an ebook, an online lecture, or a TV show.

Dictation exercise is a remarkable manner to enhance your typing abilities and study new vocabulary. It’s additionally an amusing way to exercise your listening abilities.

Some tips for dictation exercises:

  • Start with something short and easy, such as a children’s book or a news article.
  • Listen to a few sentences at a time before you start typing.
  • If you make a mistake, don’t worry about it. Just keep going.
  • Once you’ve finished typing, check your work against the original text.

3. Test your typing speed

First, find out how speedy you can type right now. You can try this by way of taking an unfastened typing take a look online. An exact internet site for that is Typing.Com.

Once you have taken the check, write down your typing velocity in words per minute (wpm). Then, see the way it compares to the common typing velocity, which is around forty wpm. This will help you set a goal for how rapidly you need to become a better typist.

Touch typing is a quality way to learn how to kind faster. It is a technique of typing without looking at the keyboard. Instead, you learn how to be kind by feeling the keys together with your hands.

4. Learn to Touch Type

To learn to touch type, you need to learn the house row of the keyboard. The home row is the center row of keys on the keyboard, in which your hands should relax while you aren’t typing.

Each finger has a domestic key on the house row. 

Your left pinky finger rests on the “A” key, your left ring finger rests on the “S” key, your left middle finger rests on the “D” key, and your left index finger rests on the “F” key. Your right pinky finger rests on the “;” key, your right ring finger rests on the “L” key, your right middle finger rests on the “K” key, and your right index finger rests on the “J” key. Once you know the home row, you may start to learn how to kind phrases and terms without searching on the keyboard. There are many exclusive typing classes available online and in libraries. You also can discover typing instructions at many network schools and personal training facilities.

Here are a few hints for getting to know the touch kind:

  • Start slowly and focus on accuracy. Speed will include time.
  • Practice frequently. The greater you exercise, the higher you turn into touch typing.
  • Use all ten palms. Don’t just type together with your index fingers.
  • Keep your arms near the home row. This will help you to type quicker and more accurately.
  • Don’t examine the keyboard. If you are making a mistake, simply hold typing.
  • Be an affected person. It takes time to discover ways to touch type. Don’t get discouraged if you do not see results immediately. It will help you a lot to type faster.

5. The right way to place your fingers on the keyboard. 

The middle segment of your keyboard is known as the home row for contact typing due to the fact you need to continually begin from these keys and move lower back to them whilst typing.

To begin, get to recognize the right finger positions for contact typing by focusing on the home row keys. Place your arms in a barely curved form and relax them at the ASDF and JKL keys inside the middle row of your keyboard.

Most keyboards have a small bump or line on the F and J keys, wherein your index palms must rest. This enables you to locate those keys by touch without searching on the keyboard. If your keyboard does not have this, you might need to consider getting a keyboard that does or includes these bumps yourself to discover ways to type correctly and fast.

6. Practice Typing Regularly

If you’re new to typing or no longer very rapid, don’t worry—it’d be abnormal at the beginning, however, exercise will make you better. Regular exercise is fundamental to enhancing your typing velocity and accuracy.

At first, your fingers would possibly feel a chunk stiff and awkward, but with time, you may get a hold of it. Here are a few methods to practice typing often:

  • Take online typing checks regularly to check your accuracy and velocity.
  • Type slowly and appropriately. It’s more essential to learn to type correctly than to rush and make masses of errors.
  • Use touch typing software programs and games. There are loose and paid alternatives that could make getting to know amusing even as retaining music of your progress. Some proper ones are Typing.Com, Typingtest.Com, and Typingpal.Com.
  • Think about joining a typing class. They might not be as common now due to the fact many human beings learn how to kind early, however, you may nevertheless discover classes at a neighborhood college or online.
  • Set desires in your typing exercise. Spend at least 10 mins an afternoon typing and test your velocity at least once every week to see how you’re doing. Give yourself a deal with or reward while you reach your purpose, like getting a tasty deal with or a brand new sport.

Practice typing the sentence: “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.” This sentence has every letter of the alphabet, so it’s great for practicing all the letters, even the less common ones like “z” or “v.”

7. Try not to slump

Don’t slouch when you take a seat for a long time in front of a display screen. Slumping could make your posture bad and decrease your productivity. Keep your body comfortable and your shoulders as much as avoid feeling uncomfortable and achy. Check your posture sometimes till it becomes an excellent habit to sit up.

8. Learn the entire keyboard

While you can own enough typing revel in, familiarising yourself with the commonly used keys like letters, the space bar, enter, and the ever-present backspace is only a part of the equation. You may be less assured with keys that are not as often utilized. Are you forced to gradual down and visually discover the keyboard whilst typing numbers or symbols? 

If you interact in programming or paintings appreciably with spreadsheets, you will discover yourself regularly the use of symbol keys. For gamers, there are probably CTRL, ALT, and characteristic keys that grow to be elusive amid intense gameplay. Nearly all software programs may be navigated more effectively through the adept use of keyboard shortcuts and mixtures. Mastery of those much less intuitive keys and their combinations ensures that you may preserve unwavering consciousness for your responsibilities, so make sure to compose them into your typing exercise.

9. Minimize your physical effort

The speedier your fingers can circulate with minimum effort, the faster your typing velocity becomes. The majority of keyboards are designed to check in key presses with a mild touch, obviating the need to press down forcefully. Opt for the gentlest touch required whilst typing. This technique will decorate your typing velocity, staying power, and standard comfort. It’s well worth noting that typing engages now not handiest the muscle tissues for your hands but also those in your fingers, arms, returned, shoulders, neck, and head.

10. Aim for accuracy rather than speed

The velocity at which you kind will become inconsequential when you’re continuously correcting errors. Correcting errors consumes more time than without a doubt slowing down and ensuring correct typing. Achieving speedy typing hinges on the cultivation of specific muscle memory. Allowing yourself to be kind inaccurately will simplest reinforce undesirable habits and often make mistakes. Gradually reduce your typing velocity until you can continuously reap one hundred% accuracy. When encountering challenging phrases, take the greater time to type them effectively. By organizing top typing habits, increased speed will certainly comply with your praise.

11. Use Text Expansion or Predictive Text

Text growth and predictive textual content are valuable time-saving functionalities whilst you find yourself struggling to locate the right words. These technologies recommend appropriate phrases, phrases, or maybe complete sentences using analyzing the context of the words and letters you have already typed. You can pick the advised phrase or phrase by way of tapping on it, continuing to type on the keyboard, or pressing the input or tab key, depending on the specific device you are utilizing.

12. Enable Auto-Correction

Word processors regularly have the gear to automatically correct your spelling or turn undeniable textual content into the proper symbols. For example, you may turn on auto-correction functions in Google Docs. Go to Tools inside the toolbar and then click Preferences. Under General, Automatically accurate spelling needs to be checked. Click Substitutions, which is likewise below Preferences. Here, you can customize computerized substitutions.

If you’re looking to boost your writing efficiency, don’t forget to explore our Writing Lifestyle category.

Apps for learning fast typing

Numerous apps are effective in assisting you in honing your typing abilities unexpectedly. Here are a number of the maximum extensively used options:

1. Typing.Com: This comprehensive typing software caters to all ability tiers, offering lessons, games, and tests. It boasts features to reveal your development and keep your motivation.

2. Typesy: Utilising games and motion pictures, Typesy makes learning to kind an interesting revel in. It offers customized comments and tips for skill enhancement.

3. Typing Master: This greater traditional typing software can provide based training and physical games, complemented via a selection of typing games and tests to refine your abilities.

4. Rapid Typing Tutor: Known for its difficult and powerful approach, this free typing application offers a variety of lessons, video games, and assessments aimed at enhancing your typing pace and precision.

5. Tux Typing: Geared toward kids, Tux Typing is an unfastened and open-supply typing software. It employs a penguin named Tux to guide learners through diverse video games and sports designed to improve typing skills. It will help you to learn how to type faster.


Our goal was to teach you how to type faster. We have given you a complete guideline about how to type faster. In conclusion, typing faster is a valuable skill that can benefit anyone in today’s computer-driven world. Whether you’re trying to improve your career prospects, enhance your communication skills, or just be more productive, the tips presented in this guide can help you achieve your goals.

By setting up a high-performance workstation, studying notes, and teaching how to type by hand, you can gradually increase typing speed while maintaining accuracy. Regular practice, good posture, and techniques like stretching and self-practice can further help you on your typing journey.

Remember to prioritize accuracy over speed initially, as it lays the foundation for faster and more effective writing in the long run. With dedication and consistent practice, you can become a skilled writer and reap the benefits of improved business and communication skills. So, start your journey to writing faster and more accurately, and you will be better prepared and more successful in various aspects of your personal and professional life. I hope you got a complete guideline, about how to type faster from this article.

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How to Type Faster with Accuracy
How to Type Faster with Accuracy
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How to Type Faster with Accuracy
How to Type Faster with Accuracy