Books are the key to getting lots of knowledge. So many people love to write their books. Even some people choose book writing as their career. In this article, we will discuss how to write a book with no experience. If you read this article carefully you will know some book writing tips that are helpful for you while you write a book with no experience. 


Do you have any idea how to write a book with no experience? If you maintain proper guidelines due to writing a book it will be easy for you. Books are such a thing that we can easily get an idea about any subject. Without books, we cannot gain knowledge properly on any subject. Whatever book we read must be high-quality so that it does not interrupt our knowledge.

If the book is not written properly according to the guidelines then the readers will not enjoy reading that book and even they will be lacking in acquiring proper knowledge. Writing a book is not easy work. If you write a book you have to follow some guidelines that are beneficial to complete your book writing. 

How to Write a Book
How to Write a Book with No Experience

How to Write a Book with No Experience 

Now, we will discuss how to write a book with no experience from today! These tips for writing a book may help you to write a wonderful book. Let’s get started:

Your own idea: The first and greatest step before writing a book is to have an idea that includes content, importance, and audience. If you don’t have an idea of what you are writing it will be impossible to put the words together.

For example, suppose you want to write a book about drama, drama should already be registered in the writer’s mind as if the writer is already in it, but that is not enough, you have to ask yourself, will people like to read? Is this drama? Such a question makes you strategically change the book.

Choose your subject: Choose your topic before you start writing. Focus on the topic that you are more good at writing. Try to write books on topics that readers and buyers want to read. 

Count word limit: To write a book, you need to be careful about how many words you want to write every day. Set a specific word limit every day and try to increase the word limit, then your book writing will be done faster.

Don’t lose your hope: Many writers lose hope after writing for the first time. They think that maybe their writing will not be good. This is your mistake. As you try to write, your writing will become a habit and your writing will improve.

Use writing software: In the digital era, there is much software for writing with devices like Microsoft Word, Grammarly, Google Docs, notepad, etc. With the help of this software, you can start writing books very easily where you will have less chance of many types of mistakes and even there is a way of automatic error correction.

Top 10 Tips for Writing a Book with No Experience  

1. Create an excellent cover

A cover gives a book its appeal. This is the first thing a reader considers and gets inspired to buy the book. You can take the help of an excellent graphic designer to create an attractive cover. Your cover must highlight what the book is about; For example, fiction should have an emotional cover, while non-fiction has a creative body.

2. Edit your book

While editing the book, you must check if there are any major mistakes and, if any, correct them quickly.

3. Format your book

Formatting should be all you do after successfully creating a book; Formatting helps you visualize how your text will look. You can use software formatting your book like Vellum Software and hire a professional to do it.

4. Ask for a review from a professional writer 

Before publishing your books you must be sure to ask for reviews from professional writers. They will be able to find various mistakes in your books and correct them easily. 

5. Write another book

You don’t have to stop at just writing one book, you have to practice writing books according to the choice and needs of the reader so that the readers become enthusiastic after reading your book and you also get interested in writing more new books.

6. Boost your books

After writing the book you should advertise your book and pay for it. Also, you can give the chance to readers to read your book before publication. 

7. Setting the chapter 

Book writing is not a simple task. It is necessary to divide the book into different chapters so that the reader can quickly find and read those chapters according to their needs.

8. Take breaks if you need

Don’t put too much pressure on your brain while writing a book, then you may forget the good things you wanted to write. Take breaks as per your need so that you can connect the relevant information.

9. Be motivated 

A writer must be motivated to write a book. Losing motivation will never make you a good book writer. To stay motivated, research biographies of successful writers that can make you a successful career as a book writer. 

10. Write an excellent ending

After reading any book, the main part is a beautiful and interesting ending that motivates the reader to read the author’s book, so after writing the book, you must take care that the ending of your writing is excellent.


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If you really want to write a book you must follow these tips. Also, you can explore the internet to build yourself as a writer. The other thing is you have to get intellectual ability, patience, concentration, commitment, and writing skills due to book writing.