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The 7 Best Book Review Sites for Authors in 2024

Discover top book review sites for insightful recommendations and literary insights. Find your next great read with these trusted platforms.

Farzana Zannat Mou

Zannat Mou

Last updated on May 1st, 2024

Best Book Review Sites

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Book review sites are very important for writers as well as readers. Readers will not be interested in buying or reading the book if they do not get good reviews about their favorite book. So writers should update their writing system through book reviews so that readers are encouraged to read their books. 

If you read the post carefully, you will get knowledge about some best book review sites that you can visit to get your favorite book reviews.


Book reviews are the backbone of your book’s victory. Getting them is imperative all through your creator journey, beginning from some time recently until long after you dispatch your piece of composing. Paid administrations are, of course, well mindful of this truth. There are so numerous to select from, so if you’re wondering what the most excellent paid book survey destinations are, keep perusing! 

There are so many companies that are upbeat to require your cash in trade for the guarantee of landing you a few great audits. With the numerous book review sites out there, you can be pondering which one ought to you select.

The 7 Best Book Review Sites for Authors and Readers

There are many types of best book review websites available on Google to find book reviews, I am now sharing the 8 best book review websites with you.

1. Goodreads


Goodreads is awesome for book reviews! It’s like a massive book club online. With millions of users from all walks of life, you get a wide range of book reviews, so you’re almost certain to find thoughts on the books you’re interested in. The best part? These reviews are often super detailed and insightful, giving you a deep understanding of what’s great and not-so-great about a book.

What’s more, Goodreads suggests books you might love based on what you’ve read before. It’s like having a bookish friend who always knows your taste. Plus, you can connect with your buddies, hop into book clubs, and even take on reading challenges – it’s a social experience for bookworms.

And here’s the cherry on top – many authors hang out on Goodreads too, so you can chat with your favorite writers. So, if you’re all about books, Goodreads is like your literary playground! 

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2. BookBub


Whereas it’s exceptionally comparable to Goodreads, BookBub centers more on interfacing perusers with books that might suit them particularly, which is mostly why you’ll see the output of deals and bargains advanced on the site. 

Because of this special esteem, BookBub has a very solid creator in the best book review sites. Some readers and writers are always suggesting books on BookBub accounts. So on the off chance that you would like to tag alongside your favorite creator, this is often an amazing site to visit. 

The drawback of BookBub is that they as it were have community audits from clients based within the US, and you have to sign up to peruse them. You will be beyond doubt to discover your small community of individual book partners in any case of what your interface is.

3. Book Riot

Book Riot

Book Riot is another best book review site. It distributes listicles on handfuls of different themes, numerous of which survey the finest books in a certain class.

Of course, there’s too much non-reading list substance. If you have a common liking for writing, Book Riot is certainly worth including in the list of websites you browse each day. 

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4. LibraryThing


LibraryThing is the self-proclaimed best book review site in the world. It has more than 2.3 million individuals and is one of the most excellent social networking stages for book lovers. 

With a free account, you will add up to 200 books to your library and share them with other clients. But it’s within the other zones where LibraryThing can claim to be one of the finest book survey destinations. 

There are evaluations, client surveys, and labels. But be beyond any doubt to tap on the Zeitgeist tab at the best of the page. It contains masses of data, counting the best books by rating, by the number of audits, by creators, and loads more. 

5. Bookish


There are so many types of book review sites. Bookish site is one of them. It makes a difference if you prepare for your following assembly with discourse guides, book tests, and book diversions. There are indeed nourishment and drink recommendations, as well as playlist suggestions. But the location is more than the best book review site gatherings. 

It moreover offers lots of publication substance. That comes within the frame of creator interviews, supposition expositions, book audits and suggestions, perusing challenges, and giveaways. 

Be sure to see the Must-Reads area of the location routinely to urge the most recent best book reviews. Too, the individuals behind Bookish are book partners, as well. To see what they’re imitating, if you want you can check out the articles that they have posted so far. 

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6. BookPage


It is a very famous book review site among the sites. BookPage is the best book review website that has all sorts of books. Such as children’s books to nonfiction, from the works of family names to big appearance creators, and so much more. Their website is flawless and clear; they bring you the volumes they think are most beneficial, suggesting them to you by summarizing and concisely commenting on the exposition, the topic, and the plot of each chosen book. 

In addition to this, BookPage also highlights creator interviews and articles that uncover the more profound subjects and purposes of certain books. On the off chance that you are a genuine book significant other looking for a like-minded scholarly devotee, this may be the culmination for you. 

7. Barnes and Noble

Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble is the best book review website where fiction, nonfiction, children’s books, novels, stories, short stories, and different types of book reviews can be collected. To enter this website, you can create an account by providing your information.

FAQs on the Best Book Review Websites

What are the top 5 most popular Book Review websites in the world?

Goodreads, BookBub, Bookish, Book Riot, and BookPage are the top five most popular book review websites in the world.

Which book review sites are the most trustworthy?

I recommend using the Goodreads website when you need a book review. Goodreads is a trustworthy website that is very popular compared to other book review websites. Through this website, you can get lots of huge book reviews of your choice.

What are the top book review sites for finding new book recommendations?

Goodreads is the top book review sites for finding new book recommendations. Goodreads is the best book review website.

How do I write my book reviews for these sites?

If you want to write your book reviews for these sites then the first thing to do is to complete the registration. Whereas these are not your sites, these sites are created by someone else, so it is not possible to provide book reviews unless you register to write your book review on these websites.


When you write a book review, it is vital to keep in mind that the objective is to supply an objective evaluation of the work. This implies that individual suppositions ought to be maintained at a strategic distance from as much as conceivable. Instep, center on the book’s merits and demerits. Was it well-written? Did it tell an appropriate story? Was it instructive? These are the sorts of things that ought to be tended to in a book review. 

It is additionally important to keep in mind that when composing a book review, it is vital to offer more than a fair outline of the book’s substance. Instep, center on advertising a keen and smart appraisal of it. 

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Best Book Review Sites
The 7 Best Book Review Sites for Authors in 2024
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Best Book Review Sites
The 7 Best Book Review Sites for Authors in 2024