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Grammarly Free vs Premium: Which One To Choose?

We've discussed the Grammarly Free vs. Premium version in this article. Let's know the differences between Grammarly Premium and Grammarly Free! Choose the right one.

Farzana Zannat Mou

Zannat Mou

Last updated on May 5th, 2024

Grammarly Free vs Premium Version

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Grammarly Free vs Premium is not working the same way. These two tools have so many differences that one should know before using them. Grammarly is a great instrument. It offers two plans -free and premium. The free version is perfect for individuals who need fast language structure checks without investing cash. On the other hand, the premium site is superior for individuals who require an article right hand on a customary premise. 

In this article, I have a discussion between Grammarly Free vs Premium plans. So, as you read to the conclusion of this article, you’ll get which version is superior for your needs.


Grammarly may be a well-known language structure checker that can assist you in fortifying your composing. You’ll be able to utilize a constrained choice of Grammarly’s highlights for complimentary, otherwise, you can purchase a premium membership to utilize more progressed highlights. 

So, what precisely is the distinction between the free form and the premium adaptation? 

The brief reply is that Grammarly Free as it were gives you a linguistic use checker, a spell checker, and a punctuation checker, whereas Grammarly Premium incorporates a plagiarism checker, and a few other highlights scholars might discover valuable. Exam to memorize the precise contrasts between Grammarly Free and Premium so you’ll be able to choose which linguistic use checker is right for you. 

Discussion of Grammarly Free vs Premium 

Let’s get knowledge about the short discussion between Grammarly vs Grammarly Premium. 

Grammarly Free 

The free version of Grammarly permits you to move forward or clean your writing skills by advertising fundamental writing proposals and makes a difference in eliminating spelling, linguistic use, and accentuation blunders. The Grammarly free version too gives fundamental proposals to progress the tone and make sentences more brief. 

You’ll be able to get the free form of Grammarly on Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Edge browser, Chrome, iOS, and Android gadgets. 

Grammarly Premium

The Grammarly premium form offers more progressed highlights as compared to the free version to assist you in making your content more locked in and readable. 

Style, suggestions concerning vocabulary, plagiarization checker, etc., are a few of the extra highlights advertised by Grammarly Premium. 

Grammarly Premium permits you to set objectives for a specific piece of content. The objective includes Grammarly giving customized composing recommendations depending on your style of writing and the readers. 

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To Whom is Grammarly Free Applicable?

The Grammarly free version is applicable for students and freelancers. 


Students can do fundamental linguistic use redresses in their assignments without investing cash through the free form of Grammarly. 


Freelance content and copywriters, particularly the newbies, can utilize Grammarly’s free version.

To Whom is Grammarly Premium Applicable?

The premium version of Grammarly is useful for the taking after people. 

Creators & Book journalists:

 With premium tone recommendations and redresses, books, magazines, etc can be gotten to be more locked in. 

Proficient journalists: 

Proficient journalists can guarantee their context has profoundly exact linguistic use with Grammarly Premium. 

Organization proprietors: 

With Grammarly’s premium arrangement, context composing or promoting organization proprietors can oversee journalists and permit them to take after a comparative brand tone in each piece of context. 


Editing gets to be simple and exact with Grammarly’s premium recommendations.

Grammarly Free vs Premium: How Do They Different from Each Other? 

In terms of comparison, Grammarly Premium gives more benefits than Grammarly Free for self-evident reasons since the standard form is free. 

  • All the fundamental highlights like tone location, mistake rectification, improved meaningfulness, and accentuation are empowered with Grammarly Free. 
  • In differentiation, Grammarly Premium has progressed with highlights like genre-specific proposals and a copyright infringement checker. 
  • Even though the two exceeding expectations highlighted in Grammarly Premium might appear like normal highlights, the result is game-changing. 

Differences Chart for Grammarly Free vs. Premium

FeatureGrammarly FreeGrammarly Premium
Basic Grammar and spelling checkYesYes
Tone DiscoveryYesNo
Dialect ChoiceYesNo
Style Improvement NoYes
Genre specific suggestionsNoYes
Premium customer service NoYes
Price$0/month $12/month, billed annually (And, $30 when billed monthly)
Analyze your contentYesYes
Rewrite the contextYesYes

Features Of Grammarly Premium 

Grammarly Premium offers a different tool of highlights to assist you in upscaling your writing skills. Here are several features given below. 

Style Improvement

One of the best features advertised by Grammarly Premium is the improvement in the style of writing. This highlight makes a difference in improvising the determination of words for your content to extend its readability. 

Genre-specific suggestions

One of the progressed features of Grammarly Premium is genre-specific recommendations that filter your content totally and give suggestions and suggestions as per the required sort. 

Plagiarism tool

The literary theft checker device is one of the foremost extraordinary features advertised by Grammarly Premium that makes a difference in deciding inadvertent and purposeful plagiarism by highlighting the copied content. 

Performance Examination Report

You’ll be able to get coordinated input on your work through an execution investigation report given by Grammarly Premium. The execution score demonstrates the precision level of your archive. 

Get to the writing experts

The Grammarly premium form gives access to Grammarly editing administrations. You can profit by submitting your content to the experts of the group, who review it to decide the clarity and brightness of your content. This feature of Grammarly charges an additional cost.

Features Of Grammarly Free

The Grammarly free version offers fundamental features as compared to the premium version. Let’s get to know about these features

Essential spelling, language structure, and punctuation checker

The Grammarly free version offers an enhanced spelling, language structure, and punctuation checker that focuses on unpretentious errors like pointless punctuation, befuddled words, etc. 


Other than the internet editor, Grammarly can be gotten to on a few stages like Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Desktop App, Chrome expansion, Androids, iOS, etc. 

Individual Word reference

The individual word reference highlight of Grammarly gets to its lexicon and permits you to customize or make your claim individual lexicon by counting the words that ought to not be hailed as errors. 


Both Grammarly free and premium clients can get to the auto-citation feature that permits you to copy or utilize auto-generated citations after you are on the inquiry about the location of your work cited page.

Dialect Choices 

Grammarly doesn’t currently back any dialects other than English, but it does work for numerous distinctive dialects of English. In Particular, you’ll select between American, British, Australian, and Canadian English. 

Tone Discovery 

Grammarly Free will tell you what sort of tone you’re writing in. For case, if you’re writing a cover letter for a work application, Grammarly might tell you your writing sounds formal and friendly. 

In any case, Grammarly Free doesn’t incorporate any tone recommendations to assist you in pointing out the tone you’re going for. The tone detection can be curiously demonstrative, but it’s not exceptionally significant in terms of how you use it to improve your composing.


Grammarly Free gives you fundamental linguistic use and spell check highlights whereas you get numerous progressed features with the premium version. In case you’re fulfilled with the constrained features of the free form, you’ll proceed using Grammarly without investing in a paid account. Be that as it may, if you require more appropriate content for professional work, you might benefit from Grammarly Premium more. Grammarly Premium offers different must-have features for scholars, including a copyright infringement finder, progressed language structure checks, quotation proposals, and composing analytics and reports. 

We hope that you liked our article on Grammarly free vs. premium. If you’ve got any questions or recommendations, drop your comments and your thoughts in our comments section.

Is Grammarly free?

The fundamental version of Grammarly is free to use. You do not need to pay for a membership to use all its fundamental features. The Grammarly Free version incorporates a few basic tools for making a difference when you rectify your composing mistakes, such as a spell checker, a linguistic use checker, and a punctuation checker.

Is Grammarly premium worth it?

In case you are doing a lot of writing in your daily life, and you need to avoid mistakes, Grammarly Premium may be an awesome version. It’s a strong grammar checker that will certainly make your writing structure clean, no matter what kind of writing you’re doing.
It’s precise for basic spelling and language structure mistakes. Its recommendations are also more adjusted than other composing apps. It can adjust inactive voice, phrasing, composing style, and comma area.

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Grammarly Free vs Premium Version
Grammarly Free vs Premium: Which One To Choose?
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Grammarly Free vs Premium Version
Grammarly Free vs Premium: Which One To Choose?