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Forty or Fourty: Which is Correct

Are you confused about how to spell out 40? If you don't know which is correct, forty or fourty, read this post. We've discussed here all about the spell of 40.

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Last updated on May 2nd, 2024

Forty or Fourty Which is Correct

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Have you ever found yourself unsure about which spelling to use when writing the number 40? It’s a common problem that many people face, but fear not! In this article, we will explore the differences between forty and fourty and provide examples to help you understand when to use each spelling. 

We’ll also discuss the origins of both spellings and why one is considered correct while the other is not. So, let’s dive into this and let’s explore this interesting topic in deep!

How do you spell 40?

The number 40 is spelled as “forty.” It is derived from Old English “feowertig,” which literally means “four tens.” The “-ty” ending in English numerals typically represents tens, hence “forty” signifies four tens.

When To Use Fourty

You should never use the number fourty. It’s a misspelling of the number forty. In both British and American English, fourty is incorrect, and it appears that it was always the wrong spelling. 

When writing the number 40, only the forty is correct. Even though fourty is universally despised, it nonetheless appears in the literature of individuals who should know better.

Mega Millions is open to residents of fourty-four states, plus the District of Columbia and the US Virgin Islands.

When To Use Forty

Fourty or forty is a widely misunderstood English term. The number 40 has just one proper spelling, contrary to popular perception. 

The correct way to spell the number is forty, whereas fourty is always incorrect. 

Because the base number is “four”(4) and the U is not dropped from other numbers like fourteen or even forty-four, it is simple to see how this could be confusing too much. While some terms have both British and American spellings, forty is not one of them.

Fourty or Forty
How to Spell Out 40

Forty or Fourty Which is Correct 

One of the most common mistakes that people make is confusing the spelling of the number 40. Is it spelled forty or fourty? Let’s take a closer look.

The correct and accurate spelling of the number “40” is “forty”. This is the only accepted and right spelling and should always be used when referring to the number “40”, whether it’s used to describe age, quantity, numbers, etc. in general.

 In addition, “forty” is the only spelling that is used in all its derivatives, such as forty-one, forty-two, and more…

Fourty or Forty: Which is Correct 

“fourty” is the British spelling, while “forty” is the American spelling that is One common misconception. However, this is simply not true. Both British and American English use “forty” as the correct spelling for “40” this number.

The incorrect spelling “fourty” is not recognized by any English dictionary and It’s important to note that. 

Using this wrong spelling can make you or your writing appear unprofessional and can lead to confusion for your readers and we never want that.

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Why forty, not fourty? 10 Examples Of Forty Used In Sentences

  1. I’m so hungry that I can eat forty burgers.
  2. My mother is forty-eight years old.
  3. They have a team of about forty people.
  4. There are forty students in the classroom.
  5. My company was featured as one of the top forty companies in Ireland.
  6. They are both now forty years old.
  7. The age of the skeleton is estimated around forty years.
  8. I must have written down your name forty times.
  9. Jon was speeding at forty miles per hour in a thirty-five-mph zone.
  10. Melinda is forty-six years old.

Robertson told me that the site has roughly forty full-time staff, most of whom are based in New York, where the publication is based, and that they have worked with over 900 athletes thus far. – The New Yorker

Fourty or forty? Examples from the literature and press

“How tastes it? is it bitter? forty pence, no.”

–William Shakespeare, Henry VIII

“He was large and relaxed, about forty, with gray hair and a froglike mouth.”

–Donna Tartt, The Secret History

“The car was to pick us up at the hotel in forty minutes, and we stopped at the café on the square where we had eaten breakfast and had a beer.”

–Ernest Hemingway, The Sun Also Rises

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Forty vs Fourty – A Trick To Remember the Difference


Is it worth forty dollars or fourty dollars? The written accurate version of the number “40” is “forty”. For both Americans and Britons, fourty is misspelled and wrong. 

It contains the word for, and forty is correct for so, It is easy to remember to use forty. Fourty is never a correct spelling it’s always wrong and misspelled.

How Forty Lost Its ‘U’

Fourty began as an Old English word that was shortened to forty early in its existence. Many words’ pronunciations and spellings changed, not simply the spelling. Beginning around the 15th century, several vowel shifts mirrored dialects and recognized ways of speaking and writing. That is where we can find this spelling shift that took us to “forty”.

When it merged with other words with similar spellings the horse–harse merger happened. Changes in the English language were also affected by other spelling movements. That is how the number fourty became the number forty and I hope you got it. 

The acceptance of forty as the customary spelling was further aided by the literature and language of the time

FAQs on How to Spell Out 40

Why is it spelled forty?

The spelling of forty comes from the Old English word “flowering.” The spelling has remained the same over the years, even though the pronunciation has changed. It is believed that the spelling of forty was influenced by the spelling of words like “four” and “fortify.”

What is the correct spelling of the number after thirty-nine?

The correct spelling of the number after thirty-nine is “forty.” This is the only widely accepted spelling in modern English.

How should you correctly write the number 40 on a check?

You have to write the current and you should write the number 40 on a check as “forty dollars,” and in the numeric form, to denote the exact amount it should be written as “40.00”.

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Have you ever found yourself unsure about which spelling to use when writing the number 40? It’s a common problem that many people face, but fear not! In this article, we will explore the differences between forty and fourty and provide examples to help you understand when to use each

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Forty or Fourty Which is Correct
Forty or Fourty: Which is Correct
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Forty or Fourty Which is Correct
Forty or Fourty: Which is Correct